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Is Stress Self-inflicted? YES!


5 Tips on How to Turn Stress into Calmness in Minutes

Being happy is a choice you face every day of your life.


Is happiness and wanting that feeling of “peace within” what you feel on a daily basis or is stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed seem like a normal lifestyle?

Has the feeling of stress become so familiar that you don’t know any other way to live your life?

Stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed is not a normal lifestyle. Although everything around you can contribute to the severity of your stress levels, stress is truly self-inflicted.

How do you break free from your old mindset and create the feelings of happiness in your life every day?

5 Tips on How to Turn Stress into Calmness in Minutes

Tip #1 Be aware that you are stressed! Recognize your stress by noticing where it is showing up in your body. Is there tension in your shoulders, neck, chest or stomach? Pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you. The tension in your body is your red flag.

Tip #2 Life can be very challenging at times. I can appreciate how you feel. We all have to deal with difficult situations and challenges. Even though we hope and pray for things to be different, we can’t change what has happened. It is already history, it is what it is! We have to move on.

Tip #3 Ask yourself these questions- Do I like feeling stressed or overwhelmed? Do I really want to continue to feel this way? You have a choice… stress or happiness!

Tip #4 Another question to ask yourself- If I continue to feel overwhelmed, will it help the situation or make it worse? Remember… what you think about, you bring about! For example: Are you STILL dwelling on something that happen a week or two ago? Are you keeping this situation alive, but giving it your attention and energy?

Tip #5 Think about how you can help yourself feel happier. It all starts with shifting your thoughts and developing the skill  from negative thinking to positive thinking.

Choose at least two out of four of the following suggestions to shift your mindset and create new habits for happiness every day:

- Focus on what is working “right” (the good) in a situation.
- Pull yourself into the present moment by using all your senses.
- Laugh more often. Laughter will not only help you feel better, it will diffuse a stressful situation instantly.
- Do an act of kindness. Notice how GREAT you feel when you do something nice for someone. (The secret is not expecting anything in return.)

iStock_000006737024XSmall- Beach celebration2Putting it all together:
- Do these 5 tips everyday until they become a habit.
- Print out a copy of the 5 tips and keep it with you at all times.
- Take notice when the “right” situations and the “right” people start showing up in your life with little effort on your part.
- ENJOY! You are free!

The most important question… Did the situations and people around you change or are you feeling happier because YOU changed?

To your happiness,
For more support, go to www.SingleAgain-NowWhat.com

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How can children of single parents help out in the home?

Is it fair to ask children to help out? One single mother reasoned: “You want to make up for the absence of the other parent by making it easy for the children.” That may be understandable but perhaps not always in the best interests of the…Continue

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cancer 3 Replies

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